About me



  • I am generally interested in the topics:
    • Information theory, Security, Fairness, Machine learning, Deep learning, and Statistics
  • In particular I am interested in:
    • Diffusion models for wireless communication and secure wireless communication
    • Graph neural networks for multi-user networks to enable diversity gains
    • Interplay between classical codes and DL generated coding schemes
    • Fairness in machine learning and its interplay with information theory and information theoretic security
    • Estimation methods for mutual information
    • Novel security metrics for neural network based communication techniques

Recent News

  • January, 2023. My recent paper on “Learning End-to-End Channel Coding with Diffusion Models” co-authored with Muah Kim and Rafael Schaefer got accepted
  • January, 2023. I have started working at TU Dresden
  • December, 2022. My recent paper on “Concatenated Classic and Neural (CCN) Codes: ConcatenatedAE” co-authored with Onur Günlü and Rafael Schaefer got accepted
  • Februar, 2022. I have started working at Uni Siegen
  • Oktober, 2019. I have started working at FU Berlin


Email: rick.fritschek at tu-dresden.de, rickfritschek at gmail.com

Technische Universität Dresden
Lehrstuhl Theoretische Nachrichtentechnik
01062 Dresden